At Teleflex, we provide a growing portfolio of innovation that can help you reduce costs, drive positive clinical outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction. We are committed to supporting our partnership with your facility through our Weck® 360 Service Program where we offer educational tools on Weck® applier care and maintenance.

Weck® Open and Endoscopic Clip Appliers and Removers

All appliers should be cleaned and sterilized per instructions provided in the IFUs


Follow hospital, Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN), or regional standards for cleaning your appliers.

Open Appliers and Removers

Opening the box lock:

  • Lightly squeeze shanks together with one hand
  • Lift the spring off the flag
  • Open the applier
Endoscopic Appliers — One Piece

Some Weck® Endoscopic Clip Appliers and Removers are provided with a cleaning port which permits access to the interior channels and cavities. Uncap the cleaning port, but do not remove the cap tether completely from the instrument. Flush with warm distilled or filtered water for approximately two minutes or until the visible gross debris is removed from the device.


Lubrication is essential every time instruments are processed. Do not use mineral oil, petroleum, or silicone-based products. Lubricate joints using a non-silicone, water-based surgical-grade lubricant.


Please examine endoscopic and open appliers and removers for potential damage before use in surgery. Pay particular attention to the jaws. Damaged or misaligned jaws may not allow clips to close acceptably for occlusion of intended structure. Damaged remover jaws may not allow for clip removal. If repair is required, clean, sterilize and return damaged instrument to Teleflex Medical.

Open and Endoscopic Appliers and Removers


  • Always check the alignment of the applier jaws before use.
  • When closed, jaw tips should be directly aligned and not offset
Open Appliers and Removers

Check the following components of your open clip appliers:


  • Examine to ensure spring is not loose, bent, or rusted

Flag Condition:

  • Examine to ensure flag is not missing or damaged

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