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Fascial Closure Clinical Education

Preventing and Managing Port-Site Hernias in Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery: Putting Optimal Fascial Closure and Sharps Safety Front and Center*

The course topics:

  • Describe reasons for the rising incidence of port-site hernias following laparoscopic abdominal surgeries, clinical considerations, complications, and risk factors.
  • Utilize appropriate techniques for safely closing the fascia following laparoscopic abdominal surgery to prevent port-site hernia and other complications.
  • Implement and maintain evidence-based sharps safety protocols during and following abdominal wall surgeries.
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EFx Shield® Live Training

A comprehensive training program to help improve fascial closure outcomes

We want to partner with your resident training program to conduct a comprehensive fascial closure training to help improve sharps safety effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the myriad factors that can lead to port site herniation
  • Review different techniques for reducing the risk of port site hernias
  • Learn various technical skills for port closure
  • Study multiple techniques for fascial closure
  • See how lab learning transfers into a safe OR experience
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EFx Shield® Features

1. Suture retriever button

  • Designed to make capture and retrieval of suture strands fast and secure

2. Slide lock

  • Makes wing deployment and approximation easy

3. Finger grip pads

  • For ergonomic device control

4. Suture anchors

  • Enable quick and secure suture loading for ease of use

5. Retraction wings

  • For improved retraction and stability on the abdominal wall

6. Suture retrieval wing shields

  • Provide enhanced sharps protection, safe suture retrieval, and accurate placement 1 cm lateral to the defect midline

Three Steps For Consistent Fascial Closure*

To prepare the system, remove both components from the packaging and load the EFx Shield® Device with a size 0, 18 in. absorbable suture.

Step 1: Deploy the device

Step 2: Retrieve the suture

Step 3: Collapse and close

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