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Weck® 360 Service is more than just maintenance of your ligation appliers. We take pride in our partnerships and consider service from a 360 degree perspective that includes training of staff, inventory, repairs, education, and the overall customer experience.

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Continuing Education Course from Haymarket Medical Education

We care about providing your team with information about the latest educational tools, with the goal of enabling you to excel in your role to help improve patient outcomes at your facility. This commitment to you is reflected by bringing awareness to a free CE course on “Proper Care and Handling of Ligation Instruments After Surgery” for SPD, ST and nurses offered by Haymarket Medical Education.*

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Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. Teleflex is a company that thrives on shared values, with people at the center of all we do

The Weck® portfolio of solutions from Teleflex includes the Hem-o-lok® and Horizon® Ligation Systems that have helped customers ligate with security and confidence for decades.